Please provide the following details when contacting for a quote:

How many dreads?  Super Full head? Full head? Half head? Accent kit?

What length?  I can create anything from 5 inches to 28 inches

What thickness?  Average is around pencil to sharpie marker thick.

What colours?  Almost any colour combo is possible!
It would be helpful for you to send over a clear daylight photo of your hair colour if I am matching the dread colour to it, or feel free to send over any colour reference photos you may have to my email

Any curls or waves?  Wiggles or curls are an additional £5 per full head or £2.50 per half head.

How long and thick is your hair? This is helpful to establish how many dreads you may need. Thicker hair in particular would require a Super Full Head rather than a Standard Full Head - The dreads would sit nicer and the sections would fit hair more appropriately. Also I do require a minimum of 3" to braid my dreads into so please keep this in mind if you have short hair.


Thank you for visiting!

I'll be in touch! Thanks for your message!