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My handmade dreads have been worn by folks all over the world, they have travelled far and wide, appeared on TV, in photoshoots, performances worldwide, have visited countless festivals, holidays and events of all natures! My clients are all so varied in personalities, ages, backgrounds, outlooks on life and characters, but they all have one thing in common - great taste in hair!

Thanks to everyone worldwide who has submitted one of the hundreds of Customer Photos and testimonials for my work! I appreciate every single one of you! Check the Facebook page Lovebird Locks and Instagram profile Lovebird_Locks for regular submissions and updates.


"Had this lovely lady do dread installs for my wedding in Las Vegas, July 2016. So happy with them and everyone commented how great they looked on our road trip around California. This lady is a very talented, friendly person who is always a joy to talk to and be in the company of when you have your locks done. Go on! Take the step and get them done peeps, you won't regret it. She will be my permanent stylist from now on and I hope to have a few real ones mixed in very soon." Suzanne. S

"Have been going to Lovebird Locks for a few years now. The handmade custom synthetic dreadlocks are stunning, really well made and installed quickly and comfortably. Emily has now dreaded my real hair and extended them, couldn't be happier!" Kerry. M
"On my second set of dreads by Emily now and wouldn't consider going elsewhere. They are very well made and she is highly experienced and talented when it comes to every aspect of dreadmaking and installation. She is a dream to work with and will endeavour to create the perfect set from any ideas you have. Emily is such a wonderful and kind soul, so she makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed whilst your hair is getting done, and is very easy to chat to also. A total professional who is taking the world by storm and making it more beautiful. I Lovebird Locks!!" Ebony C.

"My dreads are beautiful and I would recommend Lovebird locks to anyone. Emily does an amazing job and is lovely in person. " Gemma. M

"I have been getting my dreads done by Emily for 2 years. On my 5th colour now! I love them so much! I have tried a few places across the country. Emily is 100% the best!
She is such a lovely, Kind, Caring person. I always leave her feeling great with fantastic hair!" Sam. W

"Thank-you to the lovely Emily, for re-installing my beautiful locks for me today. She really is a very clever, creative girl." Emma.

"Been to Lovebird Locks today for a full head and new look install - sooooo pleased with the dreads! Thank you Em!" Jayne (Birmingham)

"Love my dreads so much, thank you Emily!". Debbie (Cardiff).

"Fantastic dreads, wonderful colours! Just how I described that I wanted them! Thanks Emily!" Julie. B (Stoke on Trent).

"Great new dreads as usual! Always superb and stunning work!" Carol (Sheffield).

"Went to see Lovebird Locks a couple of weeks ago in Stoke on Trent. Completely transformed me with my gorgeous new dreads which I love. Made me feel very welcome, and a lovely person. I love your home and creations! I feel like a new person!" Thank you very much Lovebird Locks, I will be back!" Cynthia (London).

"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful dreads you've made for me in the ombre shades. Definetely recommend your dreads for a fresh and individual look." Alisha (Southport).

"I had my first dreads ever installed by Emily at Lovebird Locks and I love them! I was so sick of constantly having root regrowth showing in my hair, so after a consulatation with Emily, she helped to come up with a set that includes my natural colour and will help to blend in with my hair as it grows through. Thanks for your help - I feel young and trendy again (my daughter is jealous and wants her own dreads for her birthday now!)" Natalie (Newcastle upon Tyne).

"Wonderful! I love my Lovebird Locks! I will be back soon!!!" Katie Mae Thorpe (Liverpool).

"A lovely atmosphere at Emily's home just added to the fantastic experience of having my first ever dreads! I wish I had gone for them years ago!" Jade (Carlisle).

"I've had dreads made in the past but none have been anything like Lovebird Locks. They are top quality and the colours are exactly as described. I've had so many comments about them because they look so real. Would highly recommend! Thanks again! Well worth the journey!" Danni (Cornwall).
"I am so incredibly happy with my dreadlocks! I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my dreads done - synthetic AND real. Such a beautiful soul and so welcoming. Emily is an amazing artist and I would highly recommend her!!" Jodie D.



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